Street art Frankey makes the city a lot more fun

Streetart Frankey maakt de stad een stukkie leuker

Street Art Frankey is a Dutch artist who wants to make you laugh with relatively small and often inconspicuous works of art.

"Street art has to be small, smart things, for the observant viewer. That makes me happy myself. It has to be something that interacts with the city."

As a student he was already busy with street art. He started spraying stencils, then moved on to stickers and then placing objects. When his art was picked up by Het Parool a few years ago, things went fast. Frankey: ' I had placed a life-size statue of a man in a sauna at the Weteringscircuit. The statue was steaming above the North-South line, which was still under construction at the time."

Het Parool now shows one of my artworks every week, which I am very happy about. I recently received a response from a grandmother from the editors. She wrote that she cycles to my objects with her grandson every week. " That's why I do it!"

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In (almost) every tour of Tassie you come across a work by Frankey