Dating during Corona

Daten tijdens Corona

Dating was already difficult enough, but the corona measures add a shovel - feel free to say - on top of that. Fortunately, this doesn't have to mean that you have to stop the search for the one. No, this crisis just requires a little more creativity. We've been in this misery for a long time, so we're going to give you a helping hand.

Every blog that writes about alternative dating options calls it: the city walk. Very nice, but the conversations are often about corona, work and the weather. Quite boring.

There are 101 nicer questions you can ask each other and at least as many fun things to discover about Amsterdam. Like, which one of you has a cool story about a scar ? Or who has ever done a heroic deed ? Look, that's how you find out some fun stories.

So start with a tassie to break the ice and who knows, you might have found the right quarantine & chill partner by Valentine's Day.

Still looking for other fun things to do? We are not the worst, so here are some fun creative date ideas:

1. Create a music bingo

You ask the other person in advance if they want to send you some of their favorite songs. Hop behind the laptop and add a few yourself. Then you make a playlist and the bingo card. Turn on the zoom meeting, start the music! Dancing is allowed.

2. Play sports together

Challenge each other in a workout! Movement is very important and fun. You can add pushups, hold ups, squats of all kinds.

3. Do a workshop

There are thousands of videos on Youtube of funny and fun things to make. For example a cake, a tie dye shirt or your own gin.

4. Think of riddles

You also have to be a little creative for this, but it's great fun! Think of a riddle, the other person can ask anything and you can only answer yes or no.

5. The bar at home

Buy a cocktail box at Mima's , for example, and choose your favorite cocktail. Turn on a nice Spotify playlist, light the candles and shake it!

7. Painting

You don't have to be Picasso to still have fun with a canvas and a few brushes. You can get enough inspiration on Pinterest and put together your own pin board. Pour a glass of wine and don't put on your nicest clothes, because paint stains are no sweethearts.

Hopefully you can move forward with this again! Let us know your quarantine tips, because then we can only make this list longer.