Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What can I expect from a tassie?

A tassie contains 7 to 10 envelopes with fun stories about everything you encounter along the way. Things you would have passed by during a 'normal' walk. Each story has an associated question that all participants must answer. This way you learn something from the city and from each other.

  1. Where can I get a tassie?

You can order your bag online and it will be shipped to you.

You can buy Utrecht tassie's at The Anthony Hotel on the Kanaalstraat.

You can buy Groningen tassie's at Zondag Noorderplantsoen.

  1. Is the tassie also available in English?

Yes! A tassie is also available in English for the Center tour, the Jordaan tour and Amsterdam East.

  1. When can I pick up a bag?

Pick up is possible by appointment . Send your email to Our address is Prinsengracht 769 in Amsterdam

  1. Who can I do a tassie with?

Whoever you want! Your grandma, best friends or with your moppie. If you have a date let us know. Then we adjust the wildcards.

6. Can a tassie always be walked?

Yes! In the dark, during the day, backwards - you can always go on an adventure with a tassie!

7. Does the tour start and end at the same point?

Yes! That is so handy with your bike.

8. How many people can I do the tour with?

That's entirely up to you. Our concept works best in groups of up to 4 people, so with a larger group it may be better to order two bags.

 9. Do you also do company outings?

Yes absolutely. We have a lot of experience with company outings and also make tailor-made tours.

10. Why is Tassie's price €32?

Because we stamp, pack and make the envelopes ourselves, by hand, one by one. In the Netherlands, so we just pay people a normal hourly rate. Our entire product comes from the Netherlands, so environmentally friendly. Moreover, the tour can be done with several people, so the price per person becomes a lot cheaper if you go on an adventure with several. We are also almost always cheaper than going out with a guide.

Soon there will be a cheaper version online via our app.