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It took some blood, sweat and blisters...

A company with a mission

We spend almost all of our time looking for the best stories so that you save time on your trip and do not have to chase a tour guide. We believe that you only really discover a city if you look at it through curious glasses.

Why is this artwork here? Why is this street called that? What happens if I go through this gate?

We have already done the search for you so that you can just hit the road. At your own pace. With whoever you want. Anytime you want. Handy, right? And believe us: a city becomes a lot more fun if you learn to understand it better.

Where do we get inspiration from?

Tassie X Pride Amsterdam

Amsterdam was once seen as the 'Gay Capital' of Europe. How did that happen?
This tour features daredevils who climbed the barricade long before we existed. Discovering these stories while making the tour has amazed, inspired and motivated us to pass on the stories. That is why this tour is also available for free in the app.