18 fun things to do in good weather

18 leuke dingen om te doen met mooi weer

1. Find a beach volleyball court nearby and organize a tournament.

2. Bring out the BBQ and start cooking together

3. See if there are any food festivals going on

4. Create a piece of art with friends outside

5. Go cube in the park!

6. Explore the neighborhood and walk around. Or with a tassie around your shoulder, or yourself.

7. Get some inflatables and hit the water!

8. Take a walk on the beach

9. Find a water ski track or wakeboard track nearby and go water sports!

10. Find a nice rooftop bar and watch the sunset.

11. Build a fire, buy some sticks and make marshmallows.

12. Have a water balloon fight.

13. Go SUP!

14. Go make your own ice cream.

15. See if there is a mountain bike trail nearby and go cycling.

16. Tie-dye your old summer clothes and give them new life.

17. Go to the children's or city farm.

18. Book a cruise, seems a bit touristy but can be great fun!