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This adventure started in 2020 when Danique started talking to local residents about art in her own neighbourhood. She soon found out how little she actually knew about Amsterdam and books were purchased, history teachers were interviewed and she took to the streets with artists to find out the underlying message of art. She then bundles these stories in a versatile tour. Add a dash of personal interest and that's how the concept was born: discover the city and each other. Discovering is not only about receiving information, but also about sharing your personal story. That's why every story has questions that also help you get to know your walking partners better.

So many people have already gone on our tours that they have walked around the world 3.5 times in distance! 🌎

And we are far from done, because our ambition has grown far beyond the Netherlands.

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We only choose the best stories from the city. We pour it into a tour where each story has 1 matching question. This way you get to know the city and each other better.


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