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Amsterdam Jordan

Discover the neighborhood through the maps full of stories about history, art and culture.

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Sing with us! “ With us in the Jordaan, you sing hela hola holladiejee!" You will not find an area more picturesque than the Jordaan in Amsterdam. With this Tassie we guide you through what used to be a typical working-class neighborhood with a colorful past, leading you to it's present state, lined with small shops in snug alleys and streets.

This tour starts and ends at Café Thijssen on the Lindegracht, and everything you will see in between is a surprise. This walk will approximately take 2 to 3 hours, and is filled with extraordinary stories about the people, history, art and architecture of the city.

The delivery time for shipping is 1-2 working days. Would you rather pick it up? That's also possible! Drop by at Prinsengracht 769 . Send us an email to with which tour you want + pick up time.


Customer reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Eyes short

Through the Jordaan with a tassie and nice people. What an experience! Beautiful weather, fun facts and you become curious about what else there is to experience. 1 day is definitely too short!

Relinde Van Dorresteijn
Super fun to show your family the city!

My family came to visit Amsterdam, they wanted to discover the city. What are you doing then? A tassie! Super fun, everyone enjoyed it and we had a super fun afternoon! Recommended!

Lies Mastenbroek
Original tour through the Jordaan

Super well organized tour with nice news about the Jordaan. An absolute must do.

Patricia Oostenveld
Very nice Tassie!

Super fun way to walk through the Jordaan!

Max Muller

This is so well thought out and mapped out!

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