Rotterdam's architactural marvels

Rotterdam's architactural marvels


  1. Central Station: Your Rotterdam architecture tour kicks off as soon as you arrive at the modern Central Station, reopened in 2014. With its sleek steel exterior and warm wooden interiors, it's a perfect introduction to the city's architectural marvels. Outside, the standout feature is the large metal canopy, not just eye-catching but also practical - it points the way to the city center.


  1. De Rotterdam: Rem Koolhaas’ masterpiece is a monumental waterfront landmark. Its three towers form a vertical city, hosting apartments, offices, shops, and restaurants. Each tower stands almost 150 meters tall, collectively covering an area the size of a football field! ⚽️


  1. Erasmusbrug: The late '90s marked the unveiling of the Erasmus Bridge, remembered for its controversial design - some saw a well-shaped leg, others an elegant swan. Named after Rotterdam's own Erasmus, it spans 802 meters to link the city center with the Kop van Zuid neighborhood. For the best views, visit at night when it's beautifully lit.


  1. Hotel New York: This Rotterdam icon symbolizes more than just a glamorous night out; it's a historical gem. Housed in the former headquarters of the Holland America Line, this exquisite Art Nouveau building dates back to 1901. Imagine the anticipation and uncertainty felt by Dutch immigrants embarking on their journey to America from this very spot.


  1. Markthal: Markthal Rotterdam stands out as a culinary gem, its innovative design resembling an inverted horseshoe. Not just a food market, it integrates homes and offices, a pioneering concept. When you visit, don't miss the breathtaking "Horn of Plenty" mural by Arno Coenen and Iris Roskam on the expansive ceiling, often likened to the Dutch Sistine Chapel.


  1. Witte Huis: It’s built in 1898 by architect Willem Molenbroek, stands tall at 43m, marking Europe's first skyscraper. Inspired by American architecture of its time, it earned its name from its white glazed brick exterior. Adorned with Art Nouveau elements like turrets, mosaics, and sculptures, it's a National Heritage Site. During summer, its rooftop offers public views of Rotterdam's Maritime District and nearby landmarks like the Cube Houses.


  1. Depot Boijmans: Located next to the world famous Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen. It will store the museum's vast collection of 151,000 artworks. Unlike traditional archives, this six-floor marvel invites visitors to explore, interact with artworks, and witness conservation efforts. With a focus on sustainability, it's a prime example of Dutch innovation.


  1. Timmerhuis: It stands as a powerful symbol of resilience and renewal, emerging from the devastation of war. Designed by OMA, its stepped modular blocks mirror the city's journey of reconstruction and transformation. Beyond its striking architecture, it’s a testament to sustainability, with its materials entirely recyclable, making it one of the Netherlands' most environmentally conscious mixed-use buildings.


  1. Cubehouses: Rotterdam's Cube Houses: tilted cubes in bright yellow, designed by Piet Blom in the 1980s. They're quirky landmarks in the Blaak neighborhood, resembling trees in a forest. Home to creative residents, these 38 homes and a hostel offer a unique living experience.


  1. Euromast: It’s a National Monument and member of the World Federations of Great Towers, stands as Rotterdam's tallest observation tower at 185m. Opened in 1960, its concrete-block-supported observation deck offers panoramic views 100 meters aboveground. Its enduring presence prompts reflection on Rotterdam's evolving skyline, alongside illustrious landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, The Shard, and the Empire State Building.