One big street art museum: you miss this if you don't look around in Rotterdam

Eén groot streetart museum: dit mis je als je niet om je heen kijkt in Rotterdam

If you've ever been to Rotterdam, you know that the city is bursting with fantastic works of art that can be found on every street corner. Have you never wandered around in zero ten or have you not looked out of your caps enough after you got out of Station Kapsalon? We take you along some of the street art works from Roffa that you could just pass by but should not miss.

Something that quickly becomes clear when you visit the Maasstad (for example to go on a Tassie tour) is that Rotterdammers from bleak streets with a moving history always manage to grow something admirable. Out of a period of bombardment came one of reconstruction and innovation; Our hip-hop culture emerged from a time when young people found each other on the street, and an officially named public street art museum grew out of two of Rotterdam's most notorious streets .

Those two streets were the West-Kruiskade and the 1e Middellandstraat, notorious for the drug trade and prostitution that took place there. In 2017, the city decided to involve more street art in this neighborhood and this super multicultural part of Rotterdam (full of fantastic shops and delicious food) slowly but surely turned into a real street art museum. For one of our favorite works - which can be found on the corner with Josephstraat - we even added 3D glasses to the bag you take on tour in Rotterdam. Just to indicate how special and impressive the visuals are that you can find yourself in the streets of Rotterdam. We highlight a few.

Helixotherapy - by Wild Drawing

Location: West-Kruiskade 89 / Coolsestraat intersection

The artist Wild Drawing (WD) was born in Bali and in 2000 started working outside his studio on the street. He focuses on huge, large-scale murals that he creates with spray cans and a roller brush. Throughout Europe (and even in Canada) you can spot his fantastic works and in Rotterdam you will find one of his pearls: Helixotherapy.

Symmetric Square - by Astro

Location: Kruisplein

Astro's works make you stop for a moment to take in whether the depth he creates is illusory or real. His works are abstract, colorful and the shadows and lines he makes often make his art seem like a gateway to a completely different universe. He made his first street art work in a suburb of Paris, but can now be found all over Europe and America - and therefore in our own Rotterdam.

Portrait Winne - by JDL Street Art

Location: Kruisplein

JDL Street Art - aka Judith de Leeuw - was already walking the streets with spray cans when she was fifteen years old and now makes incredibly large-scale works of art in the open air. Her works can often be found on the sides of huge buildings such as apartment complexes and often translate emotions and social issues that she considers important. She made this portrait of rapper Winne for the street art museum Rotterdam.

So you see again: look out of your caps, when you stumble through Rotterdam. And preferably with a tassie around the arm of course. Then you will learn a lot more about art that can be seen in the streets and how the neighborhoods we take you through have been influenced by their history.

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