The Hague beautiful city behind the dunes

Den Haag mooie stad achter de duinen

Hey gozah! Come on?

The Hague, the city where there is a difference between a Hagenaar and a Hageneese, but where everyone has a green/yellow heart.

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The tour is finished, tested and hot off the press. We will already give you an intro.. What is the difference between a Hagenaar and a Hageneese? If you were born on the sand, then you are a native of The Hague. Basically a kind of cock with a jacket and a tie. But if you were born on the peat, then you are a Hagenees. The personification of a Hagenees is Haagse Harry. The cartoon character who, in his camping tuxedo and white socks, rambles through life drinking beer.

The Hague is very versatile. From ancient history to street art and from a busy city center to a breath of fresh air on the beach. You can do it all there.

Now there are some gems that did not make it to the tour, such as this work of art for example.

"The Hague street art lifted to a higher level" can be seen along the Binckhorstlaan in Laak. It is a tribute to Hans Mahler. Hans was very committed to artists in The Hague through the city council in which he was a member. This artwork was made by thirteen various artists to thank him for his efforts.

In addition, there is also a Spell Route hidden in the floor of Agga. In 34 languages ​​there are all kinds of sayings, sayings and sentences hidden in curbs that welcome the people.

The people make the city. For example, Spinoza lived in The Hague for many years. He lived on the Paviljoensgracht and at the back of his house is a beautiful gate with the following text: " Deez narrow gate leads unsuspectingly to space for our spiritual good." His vision, critical attitude and eagerness to learn have made him world famous. Spinoza certainly made it to the tour and we will take a closer look at him there.